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Meet The Team

Chief Executive ICO Officer | Josh Cincinnati | Principal Architect | Josh Cincinnati | Keeper of the Flame | Josh Cincinnati | Supreme Allied Commander | Josh Cincinnati | Mythic Lone Genius | Josh Cincinnati | Seems Like an Asshole But Pretty Nice In Person | Josh Cincinnati

Meet The Advisors

PonzICO Ill-Advisor | Jeremy Rubin | Not-Smart Contract Advisor | Melissa Williams | Put the Ad in Advisor, Buy Your Name Here | For 100 ETH

PonzICO in the Press

For 5% of your fees you can list me as a "ponzicoin ill-advisor." -Jeremy Rubin

Ponzicoin is an impressive piece of engineering. -WayneChain

The great art project of our age is to entirely collapse the distinctions between "fraud" and "performance art," so that one day mortgage-bond traders will be able to say "wait, no, I wasn't lying about bond prices to increase my bonus, I was performing a metafictional narrative about bond-price negotiations in order to problematize the underlying foundations of bond trading in late capitalism." -Matt Levine